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  • Du 28/08/1999 [21e] au 08/01/2000 [50e]
  • Top: 17e place - Certif.: Argent
  • Classé durant 19 semaines
  • Langue: Anglais
SKO - Just Another Day
Yeah come on now
Check it out (cool)
Show me no malice
It's just another day, come on now (2x)
It's just another day

I drop concepts
For real, I bust theories
Hear me as I kick lines, yes
For the ghetto and the innercity check this
I need the thinker yes the catalyst
Lyrical evangalist
Writing rhymes of consciousness
Handle this hard to test
I'm telling you, show me no malice see
I punch rhymes with a radicalist fist
Illusions gots me going under
Gots to wonder gots to think
What's one the brink of the horizon
As we sink into the unknown
Is this the edge of destruction
Is this life's induction in the higher lifes mission
Who has the answers to the questions
As I walk the streets, and wait for another 24

Just another day
Caught in the illusion
And I feel my heart ache from all the pain
Just another day
Facing the confusion
As I tell myself
There's got to be a better way

What can I say
About the world that we live in
Everybody's going about to what their doing their business
And now it's time for me to roll a conscious rhyme
About the things that we see
On the street every time kid
It makes me angry
When I see a next man fight
A negative situation that's not right
For the upbringing of the young youth
When they see it on TV
Are they going know the real truth
It's up to us to make them understand
Teach them from the right and the wrong
So we all get along
I'm kicking wisdom yes with the wise check
As I flow with this realness as I see


I'm like the radio
Talking to the nation
Listen to the cool
Cause there's no time for wasting
Gots to get my point across
To the other side
'Cause if I help a person
Yes I will be satisfied
Mission accomplished
Finish what I got to do
True words from the cool
Yes they will relate to you
I'm telling you
Just another walk yes in the real time
Hard in these times
Will I ever see true harmony
In my time
Can't be blind and scope
And look through the peripheral
You would say the days are getting critical
Let me into your subliminal mind
Don't get caught behind
See as sure as the sun s***nes
There's gots to be



There's got to be a better way (7x)
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