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  • Du 03/10/1998 [38e] au 02/01/1999 [39e]
  • Top: 17e place
  • Classé durant 14 semaines
  • Langue: Anglais
Single extrait de l'album
Organiz' - Are U Ready (Miss You)
[Chorus X2]
Are U ready 4 da things we do
Platinum style now we come 4 U
Organized playas wanna rock with U
Rapin', singin', producin',
All da things we do

Girl I know U like my style
You got to bounce all the night
Girl we got U
Are you ready for the show
Da club is packed now we can go
We really got you
Mike help me singin' right now

I lie 4 dat, die 4 dat
All da things I do for dat
It was preview like dat
If U want something real
I got what U feel
Me and friends of me make it real
So scream cuz now
Who bring da cream
Fat shits dat U like
Things dat U like
Ain't nobody in da west can do dat
Da way we do
Hun hun
Can't do dat
Let's go on the dancefloor
If U want more
I got stock of gimmicks dat U looking 4
Don't be shady
If U love me play me
Buy me cuz my shit is ready

[Chorus X2]

Girl U know what I've got 4 U
There's so many things dat U got 2 do
When I comin' 2 your life
If U moovin' like
This everything is alright
Don't be shy let's go crazy
On the dance it's easy
I really like the way U act
So come on girl and
Give me what I like

What's up kid ? What's up with U
I got some fat shit 4 your ass & U
Recognize da game I play with U
No doubt nigga ? I got what U need
Fat lyrics, fat beat,
Fat gimmicks, fat tricks
Loly dody
We like da party
Organized playas
Comin' 4 da fat shorties
Da 2000 comin
And we keep blowin'
Don't stop 2 growin'
Round round we're learnin'
We keep the roof blazin' all nite long
We won't stop til the early morn'

Ad lib.
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