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  • Du 21/09/1985 [41e] au 11/01/1986 [43e] Vidéo
  • Top: 8e place
  • Classé durant 17 semaines
  • Langue: Anglais
Monte Kristo - The Girl Of Lucifer
Listen kids, I've got a novel to declare
Someday, I met the girl of Lucifer
Funny kind of beauty
Like fine in the air

Oh oh oh oh. Lucifer tells me
Oh oh oh oh. Don't touch that girl you know
She looks to me like ''pissy widdy''
You see what I mean

Oh Lucifer tells me
Oh you can't get it for show
The devil keeps me under control
What's the matter with me
Can't you see can't you see

Gonna lose my soul as far as I'm concem
She's so nice, she dances the way
I just prefer
She looks like an angel
My will and my desire

Lucifer treats me bad, Lucifer make me mad
Demon life, ever more, face to face
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